4 Ways to Combat Winter Dryness.

Are you suffering from tight, dry winter skin? Yes? Me too, and we’re only two weeks into winter!! Dry winter skin can feel awful. If left unresolved, the […]

Winter Skin

Are you suffering from tight, dry winter skin?

Yes? Me too, and we’re only two weeks into winter!!

Dry winter skin can feel awful. If left unresolved, the skin loses its glow and can lead to flakiness, irritation, and redness.

It really shouldn’t be this way, and there’s no reason to struggle with tight, dry skin when help is at hand.

With just a few minor adjustments, you can keep your skin in peak condition, and we’ve got four ideas to support your skin so you can breeze through the cool winter months with healthy, glowing skin top to bottom.

#1. Humidify your home. 

With the cool weather upon us, we find ourselves spending more time indoors in front of the fire. Whether your home heating is a natural wood fire or centralised heating, it will dry the atmosphere. And, if your central heating doesn’t have a built-in humidifier, you’ll find your skin quickly becomes dehydrated.

When the atmosphere becomes dry, it will draw moisture from everywhere, including your skin. One way to keep more humidity in your home is with a humidifier. Instead of reaching for more moisturiser, why not add humidity to your home environment to prevent your skin from becoming tight and dry?

#2. #Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3)

For your skin to function optimally, it’s essential the lipid barrier forms correctly. Your skins protective barrier comprises three essential lipids, cholesterol, free fatty acids and ceramides.

If you find your skin’s becoming chronically dry and dehydrated, ensuring you have adequate Essential Fatty Acids in your diet is, well, essential.

Your body synthesises Essential Fatty Acids from the food you eat, and the most important is Omega 3.

You’ll find Omega 3 in fatty fish like salmon, or if you prefer a vegetarian option, flaxseed has an abundance of Omega 3.

#3. Changes to your skincare routine

During the warmer months of the year, the skin can have more oil on the skin’s surface, providing a natural lubricant, and you may prefer a foaming cleanser in summer.

However, during winter, any oil in the skin will solidify and remain within the follicle. In winter, with less oil secretion, it’s a good time to change how you cleanse by either adding a pre-cleansing oil or switching to a mild lotion or milk instead of a foaming cleanser.

Gentle cleansing should remove dirt, makeup and pollutants without disrupting the natural oils found in the skin to avoid dehydration and a disrupted lipid barrier.

#4. Facial Oils

Facial Oils are an excellent way to support your skin’s protective lipid barrier and add essential nutrients to the skin without changing your moisturiser.

A few drops either directly applied to your skin or added to your favourite moisturiser will relieve winter dryness, replacing lipids and improve the lipid barrier matrix.

We have four Face and Body Oils we think you might like.

Winter Skin Facial Oils

Synergie Skin De-Stress Calming Facial Oil – 30ml

A luxurious, lightweight facial oil to nurture and strengthen skin. De-Stress is the ultimate hydrator with anti-inflammatory oils to benefit even the most sensitive skin. A skin saviour at-home for all skin in need of a comforting hydration boost.

Retail: $110.00

Environ Focus Care Moisture+ Hydrating Oil Capsules (30)

Energise and refresh the skin with Environ Skin Care’s Hydrating Oil Capsules. To be used as a weekly treatment or every night to invigorate the skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially dry or dehydrated skins.

Retail: $110.00

Cosmedix Remedy Omega Complex Treatment Oil – 30ml

This multitasking face and body elixir is a revitalising mix of oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin E; that moisturise, nurture and protect the skin from head to toe.

Retail: $75.00

Environ Body EssentA Vitamin A, C & E Oil – 100ml

A light and finely textured multi-functional nourishing oil containing a powerful mix of vitamins to assist in hydrating and relieving the appearance of dry and sun-damaged skin. It also helps condition the skin and relieve the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone and sun damage. It can also be used as a moisturiser for problematic skins.

Retail: $96.00

Would you like to include a face or body oil in your home routine?

If you’d like to know more about our face and body oils, you can get in touch, and we’ll recommend the best one for your skin. Or you can book yourself in for a skin consultation, and we’ll review your skincare routine. We’re here to brighten your skin’s future and would love to help you.

See you soon,

Mel x


Melanie Russell Richards

Melanie’s knowledge, credentials and passion for the skin are unsurpassed. With over 30 years of industry experience, Melanie has a Bachelor of Dermal Science from Victoria University and is a member of The Society of Dermal Clinicians.

With so much knowledge and experience, it was time for Melanie to realise her dream of owning her own non-surgical skin clinic and establishing Select Skin in 2017.

Melanie is committed to treating her clients with honesty, integrity, and care. Achieving ethical and results-driven outcomes is the most rewarding part of her day.

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