The Deep Sea Peel by CosMedix for skin rejuvenation.

The Deep Sea Peel by CosMedix is a potent peel to improve the condition of your skin dramatically.What makes this peel so special is the unique blend of […]


The Deep Sea Peel by CosMedix is a potent peel to improve the condition of your skin dramatically.
What makes this peel so special is the unique blend of peeling agents and the high level of botanical extracts to support the normal function and structure of the skin.

Is the Deep Sea Peel right for you?

If you see what seems to be premature ageing?
These visible signs can show up as roughness, dehydration, lines and wrinkles and blotchiness.

If you have brown patches of pigmentation?
Over time, what was once a tan can become blotchy patches of brown pigment that can be difficult to treat.

Does your skin look dull and sallow and in need of a boost?
Sometimes, no matter what you do, the skin can look like it’s lost its glow.

Note: This treatment is not for sensitive skin. However, we can work with you to strengthen your skin and get it ready.

The Benefits of the Deep Sea Peel.

After about 4 – 7 days you’ll begin to see your skin in a whole new light.
The immediate benefit to you is a brighter, more radiant skin and a vastly improved texture.

The benefits of this peel are long-lasting. Not only have we removed dead skin cells, but the skin is normalised to perform so much better.

The Deep Sea Peel is a catalyst for halting the destructive enzymes found in the skin which can degrade collagen and elastin, leaving your skin damaged and prematurely aged.

Positive activities that happen naturally but slow down with age and environmental damage will be accelerated to improve the performance of the skin to give a more youthful appearance.

The Deep Sea Peel doesn’t just make your skin look better; it is better.

You’ll notice an improvement and softening of lines and wrinkles as collagen and elastin production is activated to support the underlying layers of your skin.

Blotchy patches of epidermal hyperpigmentation are gradually removed to reveal a more even skin tone.

How does it work?

Coral and Seaweed extracts will activate the skin to increase cell turnover and lift away dead skin cells.

Although this is a peel treatment, it works similarly to micro-needling as the microscopic particles of the Coral and Seaweed extracts puncture the skin to cause a physical micro-trauma to the skin. This action ignites a strong vascular, and inflammatory response which activates the growth factors responsible for new collagen. Blood flow, oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin are improved to assist in the overall renewal of the skin.

The CosMedix Deep Sea Herbal Peel lifts the epidermis to promote shedding and removal of old, damaged skin cells. The combined action of friction and marine silicates causes micro-trauma to the skin activating the natural rejuvenation process, and the skin naturally replenishes its moistures levels, renews collagen synthesis and improves overall epidermal structure.

One of the great things about this peel is the improved volume in the skin. Not something that is generally associated with other peels but with the increase in dermal integrity, a voluminous bounce is visibly noticeable in the skin even after just one treatment.

What are the key ingredients in the Deep Sea Peel by CosMedix?

What you’ll need to do before your treatment?

As this is a potent peel before we proceed we’ll sit down with you for a skin consultation to analyse your skin and discuss your skin goals; this is especially important if you’re coming to us for the first time.

Once we’ve determined whether the Deep Sea Peel is suitable for you, we’ll recommend the appropriate skincare to prepare and support your skin at home before your treatment.

We recommend 2 – 4 weeks or preparation at home before your treatment. We’ll advise you at your pre-treatment consultation of the time frame which will depend on the condition of your skin.

What happens during your treatment?

We prepare your skin with a thorough cleanse. We then divide the facial area into three sections.

The peel is applied to each section and massaged into the skin for 1-10 minutes; depending on the intensity required.

The treatment typically takes about 45 minutes.

What to expect after your treatment?

Immediately after your Deep Sea Peel, your skin will go through a healing and recovery process. We’ll check in with you to make sure everything is going okay.

The skin can feel a little sensitised for a few days. The sensation can feel like “broken glass” in the skin (only when touched), which sounds a bit strange, but over the course a few days, the silicate particles from the coral and seaweed extract will dry out the epidermis, and the skin starts to shed dead skin cells which can take between 4 – 7 days.

During this time we strongly advise you to avoid sun exposure, and when you do go out, please wear a broadspectrum sunscreen.

By day seven, you’ll begin to see your newly refreshed and rejuvenated skin.

If you’d like to take the next step, call us on 02 8034 2140 and we can discuss the benefits of one of our most popular treatments or you can book a skin consultation.

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Melanie Russell Richards

Melanie’s knowledge, credentials and passion for the skin are unsurpassed. With over 30 years of industry experience, Melanie has a Bachelor of Dermal Science from Victoria University and is a member of The Society of Dermal Clinicians.

With so much knowledge and experience, it was time for Melanie to realise her dream of owning her own non-surgical skin clinic and establishing Select Skin in 2017.

Melanie is committed to treating her clients with honesty, integrity, and care. Achieving ethical and results-driven outcomes is the most rewarding part of her day.

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