dermablading skin treatment

Dermablading Skin Treatment: Is it right for you?

Dermablading could be one of the gentlest and most effective ways to exfoliate your skin and bring back its natural glow. Dermablading is a clinical treatment where a surgical blade is gently passed over the face to remove dead skin cells and soft vellus hair. Every time you lift the very top layer of skin away, it signals the lower layers of the skin to renew and move up, this is great for the overall health of your skin and will reduce the effects of environmental damage inflicted on the skin.

What can a Dermablading Skin Treatment do for you?

A Dermablading Skin Treatment, when done correctly, will activate your skin’s cell turnover. Unfortunately, as we get older, our cell turnover slows down. The surface of the skin becomes dull, rough in texture, often becoming dehydrated, and fine lines become more accentuated. The essential growth and turnover of new cells, originating from the basal layer slow in their production, leading to further dysfunction at a cellular level.

The benefits of regular demablading are threefold.

Firstly, the skin regains its radiance and luminosity, dehydration reduces, and the texture becomes smooth once again. Secondly, new cells are activated to improve the rate of turnover similar to that of young skin and thirdly; a vast improvement in the penetration of topical skin care will increase the results of your homecare routine.

It may seem strange to you at first — the idea of shaving your face. But the results are amazing. The instant result will be smooth, glowing skin with the benefit of improved cell turnover for healthy glowing skin.

Is Dermablading right for you?

  • This treatment is perfect for ageing skins to improve slowing cell turnover.
  • Before a big event, your makeup goes on flawlessly and will not settle on the surface, accentuating lines and wrinkles.
  • Your skin will glow with good health, and the texture of the skin will be smoother and softer.
  • Dermablading is an excellent alternative to chemical peels, especially if you’re pregnant or lactating.
  • Dermablading removes the soft peach-fuzz known as vellus hair. As these fine, downy hairs do not have a blood supply, they’ll grow back to their original state — no need to fear them becoming thicker or darker.
  • Dermablading is ideal as a complementary treatment to chemical peels and LED Light Therapy.

Like to know more?

We’re here to help. We’ve trained extensively in Dermablading Skin Treatments. We know the exact angle to hold the blade so you’ll feel perfectly comfortable throughout the treatment process, and what’s more, there’s no pain or social downtime, just amazing glowing skin. Book in today for a skin analysis and consultation, and we’ll guide you through this treatment for optimal results that you’ll love.

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