My Journey from Skin Cancer to Skin Health

I am no stranger to skin cancer, with a family history of melanoma that both my father and grandfather battled. About 12 years ago, melanoma paid me a […]

I am no stranger to skin cancer, with a family history of melanoma that both my father and grandfather battled.

About 12 years ago, melanoma paid me a visit. I discovered an early-stage melanoma on my rear lower abdomen, an area that had never seen sunlight.

Early detection is crucial and for me it was lifesaving.

Thankfully, my melanoma was successfully treated by Dr Chris Kearney, a specialist in MOHS surgery.

However, my journey didn’t end there. I continued to develop basal cell carcinomas (BCCs), leading to countless biopsies and treatments, which became very costly.

My First Encounter with Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3)

To manage this, I was referred to a melanoma clinic. Sitting in the waiting room of that clinic was more than a reality check. It was a frightening experience, one I’d prefer not to relive except to share my story with you.

I was advised by Susan Sinclair, a registrar at the clinic, to start taking 500 mg of nicotinamide daily.

The Power of Vitamin B3

This supplement has been a game-changer for me. It doesn’t prevent skin cancer or melanoma, but it significantly slows down the mutation of bad cells while promoting healthier ones.

The Skin Cancer Council conducted a study and found that taking a daily supplement of 500 mg of Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide NAD) can reduce the development of BCC by 20% and SCC by 30% in patients with two or more skin cancers.

Nicotinamide, a high level of Vitamin B3, can increase the production of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), which is then converted to Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), fuelling the energy of every cell in our body.

I’ll Be Taking This One Forever!

At one point, I temporarily stopped taking it; perhaps it was complacency, or I wasn’t convinced a supplement could really be working. Whatever the reason, I immediately noticed changes in my skin; lesions that had disappeared began to reemerge.

With the encouragement of my doctors, I resumed and, over time, increased my dosage to 1000 mg. Since then, my renewed commitment has helped maintain my skin health and overall energy levels.

Taking it on an empty stomach makes me queasy, so I’ve adjusted my morning routine and always take it with a light breakfast.

What is NAD Therapy?

NAD Therapy uses Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) supplements to boost the levels of this essential coenzyme in your body.

NAD is crucial for energy production, DNA repair, and cell communication. As we age, our NAD levels decrease, leading to lower energy, slower cell repair, and visible signs of ageing.

NAD is naturally found in all living cells, and its building blocks, niacin (nicotinic acid) and niacinamide (nicotinamide), two forms of vitamin B3, are found in foods such as meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and grains.

Niacin is converted into niacinamide in the body, which is further converted into NAD. In other words, the body converts both forms into the active coenzyme NAD.

While these dietary sources are essential, NAD supplements can help fast-track the process, supporting energy production, DNA repair, cell communication, and overall health.

Embrace Active Ageing with NAD Therapy

NAD Therapy helps improve overall health and wellness by replenishing nicotinamide levels through supplementation. Benefits include:

Depending on your needs and medical advice, this therapy can be administered as an oral supplement, intravenous infusion, or injection.

Introducing Synternals by Synergie Skin

Terri Vinson Jones, a leading cosmetic and biological scientist and the founder of Synergie Skin, has furthered this approach with her own line of supplements.

Synternals NRgize+

A comprehensive cellular energy supplement crafted to elevate healthspan and invigorate the body’s cell vitality. This innovative supplement supercharges NAD within the body, enhances cell communication, and supports skin health from the inside out.

The NRgize+ supplement combines nicotinamide with powerful antioxidants like resveratrol, providing a robust defence against skin ageing.

Since incorporating this into my routine, I’ve noticed sharper thoughts, more energy, and a significant improvement in my skin’s appearance.

My Passion for NAD Therapy

I am passionate about sharing this journey and the benefits of these supplements with my clients. Our internal health is the key to skin health and a healthy lifespan, and NAD Therapy is essential in achieving optimal health inside and out.

Not only has my skin health improved significantly, but I’ve also noticed that the brain fog I experienced during menopause has vanished; my mental sharpness has increased since starting these supplements.

I was delighted and excited to see Synergie Skin venture into this space with Synternal Supplements.

Whether you’re a busy professional, a dedicated stay-at-home parent, or someone who wants to feel your best, NRgize+ can support your body’s natural energy production, cellular repair, and overall well-being.

For me, NAD therapy is now an integral part of my skin health routine. However, it’s important to remember that early detection and ongoing monitoring are essential for maintaining skin health.

If you notice any changes in your skin or have concerns, always seek medical advice. Regular skin checks should be a fundamental part of your health maintenance plan.

If you’d like to learn more about Synternals NRGiz+ and NAD Therapy, I’m here to help you navigate these options and find the best solutions for your skin health.

See you soon,

Mel x


Melanie Russell Richards

Melanie’s knowledge, credentials and passion for the skin are unsurpassed. With over 30 years of industry experience, Melanie has a Bachelor of Dermal Science from Victoria University and is a member of The Society of Dermal Clinicians.

With so much knowledge and experience, it was time for Melanie to realise her dream of owning her own non-surgical skin clinic and establishing Select Skin in 2017.

Melanie is committed to treating her clients with honesty, integrity, and care. Achieving ethical and results-driven outcomes is the most rewarding part of her day.

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