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The Reeds Scented reeds in a glass amber vessel Scent varieties | Deborah | Jessica | Morgan | Angus  

Complete your home with, The Reeds by Hunter Candles

They are the perfect way to scent your space delicately, for months. An ambient blanket of scent.

Ten reeds stand in your vessel allowing the oils to climb up, and slowly disperse the scent.

Housed in amber glass, so sunlight won’t diminish the scent.

Perfectly at home on your mantle, kitchen bench, living room table, chest, or bathroom.

The benefit of The Reeds is not having to find a lighter… and you can fall asleep next to them.

For optimum fragrance levels, you may like to flip the reeds every week or so. Be sure to do this with a paper towel to cover your fingers.
The diffuser will last 4 months.

Available in four unique scents.

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Deborah, Jessica, Morgan, Angus


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