Men’s Skin Fix Facial Treatment

A facial treatment to deeply cleanse, refresh and hydrate the skin.

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A facial treatment to deeply cleanse, refresh and hydrate the skin.



Treatment Time

60 mins





If you’ve been wanting to take better care of your skin but don’t know where to start?

This is the treatment for you. We’ll exfoliate, clean and hydrate your skin to improve the overall appearance of your skin and identify skin problems that we can help with.

Have more questions about this treatment? Call our friendly staff at Select Skin on 8034 2140.

Treatment Information

What results can you expect?

Your skin will be clearer, smoother, refreshed and hydrated.

What happens during your treatment?

This treatment includes a deep exfoliation, gentle steaming and a specialised mask to hydrate the skin. If you have any facial hairs or stubborn blackheads we’ll remove them.

What to expect after your treatment?

This is a non-invasive skin treatment, designed to deeply clean the skin. Your skin will feel clean, smooth and refreshed.

You’ll leave our clinic with a better understanding of how to care for your skin and a recommended homecare routine to maintain the results at home.

Is this treatment suitable for you?

All skin types. This treatment is for men who want to give their skin a refresh.

Sound like the perfect treatment for you?