Synergie Skin HyDrolock 50ml

An intense nourishing moisturiser for dry, thirsty skin.

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An intense nourishing moisturiser for dry, thirsty skin.

An intense anti-ageing moisturiser to nourish and repair dry skin. This ultra-hydrating cream smooths the appearance of fine lines and restores the skin barrier for soft and supple skin.

Key Benefits

HyrdaLock ideal for those with dry skin.

A potent blend of deeply hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Replenishes the skin for an instant moisture boost.

Promotes the production of new cells.

Increases the skin’s ability to repair itself from the effects of ageing and dehydration.

How to use

Apply one pump morning and night to neck and décolletage. Always follow with solar protection in the morning.

Key Ingredients

Blackcurrent Seed Oil
A highly effective botanical active designed to reduce inflammation, regenerate damaged, ageing skin and protect the skin barrier from environmental aggression. Excellent for calming sensitive and irritated skin, including the delicate eye area.

Hydrolysed algin
Rebuilds the epidermal skin by stimulating the activity of epidermal stem cells to rapidly restore and reconstruct skin tissue.

Lanolin (pharmaceutical grade)
An intense natural hydrating humectant that can hold 400 times its weight in water. It regulates the rate of trans-epidermal water loss to protect the skin’s barrier, increase skin moisturisation and prevent dehydration. Please note, not suitable for vegans.

Squalane promotes barrier repair, exhibits superior moisturisation and emollience, and enhances the penetration of active ingredients. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and dry skin and helps to address the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. Squalane has a light readily absorbing texture and is beneficial for all skin types including acne-prone skin.

Suitable for

• Dry/very dry skin

• Sensitive skin

• Fine lines and wrinkles

Synergie Skin is a professionally prescribed skincare range and is only available for purchase through our clinic or by telephone on 02 8034 2140.