Let’s say goodbye to broken capillaries. For good!

Would you like to get rid of the broken capillaries on your face, neck and chest? The wonderful thing about the aesthetic industry is there are many skin […]

broken capillaries

Would you like to get rid of the broken capillaries on your face, neck and chest?

The wonderful thing about the aesthetic industry is there are many skin conditions you don’t have to put up with anymore.

One such skin condition is broken capillaries on the face, neck and chest. You may have them across your cheeks, around your nose, sometimes on your chest.

They can appear as a spider-like network across the face, or they can show up in localised areas, like around your nose. The colour can range from pink, red or even blue, depending on whether the damage is from arteries or veins.

What are they?

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels connecting arteries and veins. The wall of a capillary is very elastic and, when frequently dilated, can remain enlarged. Often incorrectly referred to as broken, the capillary is stretched and dilated and becomes visible below the surface of your skin. Unfortunately, once this happens, it’s permanent.

What causes them?

The usual suspects like the sun, rosacea, alcohol consumption all contribute to the dilation of capillaries.

In winter, fluctuating between cold winter air and heated rooms is often the culprit, and although it feels lovely, hot showers will dilate your capillaries.

The good news is, you can say goodbye to broken capillaries and facial redness. The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Lumenis M22 Laser will remove your dilated capillaries.

Our Lumenis M22 is a versatile laser machine providing a safe, effective way of zooming in on spider veins, dilated capillaries, rosacea and veins in the face, neck and chest.

We can also remove cherry angiomas and blood spots with laser precision.

We harness multiple wavelengths with our Lumenis M22 to modify the light pulses to suit you and the skin condition.

The M22™ delivers pulses of light energy through the skin to generate heat and target imperfections in a controlled way. The body’s natural process then removes the treated tissue.
Lumenis M22 is perfect for the tiny vessels that linger around the nose among the various vascular conditions that we see in the clinic. Still, these tiny capillaries can be fickle, so we recommend a course of three treatments two to three weeks apart.

What can you do at home?

Prevention is the key to reducing your chance of developing capillary damage, and with a few minor changes, you can avoid the worsening or return of visible capillary damage.
Always wear sunscreen, avoid extremes in temperatures, both hot and cold.

When showering, keep your face away from the hot shower stream and use tepid water whenever cleansing your face and during winter, try no to sit too close to the fire.

If you tend to flush even with one glass of wine, then you may want to consider avoiding alcohol consumption, likewise with spicy foods.

Even with preventative measures, capillary damage can occur, and if it concerns you, we can help. Get in touch for a skin consultation, and we’ll determine the best course of treatments for you.

See you soon,

Mel x


Melanie Russell Richards

Melanie’s knowledge, credentials and passion for the skin are unsurpassed. With over 30 years of industry experience, Melanie has a Bachelor of Dermal Science from Victoria University and is a member of The Society of Dermal Clinicians.

With so much knowledge and experience, it was time for Melanie to realise her dream of owning her own non-surgical skin clinic and establishing Select Skin in 2017.

Melanie is committed to treating her clients with honesty, integrity, and care. Achieving ethical and results-driven outcomes is the most rewarding part of her day.

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